Increase Productivity by Building a Strong Culture

Businesses seeking to grow and find long-term success should consider cultivating a strong company culture, as it has shown to contribute to higher productivity levels through increased employee happiness and a decreased turnover rate. Every workplace environment is unique, so there is no single solution to improving attitudes and perception. However, there are a few ways to ensure that it is cultivated and maintained.

Define the Company Culture

The culture of a company can only be successful if the employees understand it. Start by writing down the values, language and standards that will define the culture of the business. One place to include this is in the employee handbook. This way it is easily accessible and it will be covered during the employee onboarding process. The business likely started with a personal mission, and this can act as one of the primary pillars of the culture. When defining the rest of the mission, remember to keep it adaptable to change as needed.

Perpetuate the Company Culture

Company culture starts at the top, with the owner or CEO serving as its strongest representative. Leading by example will inspire the executive team to exemplify it, which will be key to engaging the rest of the staff. Improving the workplace experience can be as simple as rewarding employees for their hard work, putting their happiness first or listening to ideas from anywhere within the business.When hiring new employees, focus not only on the applicant’s skills, but whether or not their attitude and values align with those of the business. Bringing on the wrong people can be detrimental to the health of the company culture, as well as the productivity of the business.

The Golden Rule of a Strong Company Culture

Placing employees first will help to reduce stress in the workplace and turnover, but it will increase happiness and productivity while promoting trust and respect within the workplace. The positive attitude from a strong company culture will spread to all aspects of the business, and employees will carry that positivity to their interactions with customers, clients and coworkers.

Solidifying the company culture by writing it down, living it and carefully maintaining it will lead a business down the path towards success. Working with a small business consultant can provide the knowledge and guidance that is needed to build and maintain a winning company culture.

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