Venture Capital

Bringing Your Business to Life

Many early-stage businesses need investment capital to scale their services. However, attracting investors and legally securing that capital call for the assistance of a firm skilled in this area of business law.


Cole Sadkin, LLC, is a Chicago-based law firm with the resources and acumen to guide small- and mid-sized business owners across the country through the complexities of investments and securities. Attorneys who only handle venture capital matters on the side are often unfamiliar with Rule 505 exemptions and other federal requirements laid down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Our lawyers, on the other hand, have considerable experience with the applicable regulations.


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Introducing You To Potential Investors


At Cole Sadkin, LLC, our venture capital attorneys can do more than facilitate the legal arrangements. We can also leverage the relationships we have formed with investors and banks throughout Illinois and nationwide. We frequently introduce entrepreneurs and other business owners to potential investors and help them form mutually beneficial connections.


Providing A Full Spectrum Of Other Services


Before seeking investment capital, it is wise to protect your intellectual property and safeguard your innovative ideas. After you obtain financial support, you will still require a significant amount of corporate work and counsel to get the business up and running profitably.


Essentially serving as in-house counsel, we can answer your questions and address your concerns in regard to labor and employment, collections, contracts, litigation and other business startup issues.

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