Your Business Resource.


Your Business Resource.

Our goal is to help your business thrive. Launching and sustaining a profitable company is daunting enough without the red tape. At the law firm of Cole Sadkin, LLC, we offer a full array of corporate legal services, proudly serving as a one-stop-shop for small- and mid-sized business owners across the United States.


From contracts to litigation, our business is to help your business thrive.


Protect the intellectual property you have created.

Labor &

Prepare for the unforeseen challenges in being a successful employer.


Find the investment capital you need to scale your services.

Cole Sadkin, LLC, is committed to offering high-quality legal services and representation to all clients. We believe all businesses deserve the same level of service, regardless of the number of employees or level of salary. We are proud to set ourselves apart through a strong sense of compassion, integrity and ingenuity in our work.

To learn more about our services request a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Call Cole Sadkin, LLC, at 312-548-8610, or contact us by email.

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Cole Sadkin has a talented team dedicated to finding solutions for your business.