Intellectual Property

Protect Your Business’s IP Assets

When a software developer creates a program, a writer finishes a novel or an entrepreneur builds a brand, the creator wants to ensure that his or her intellectual property is protected.


At the Chicago, Illinois-based law firm of Cole Sadkin, LLC, we understand the anxiety you may face while trying to protect your new creation from being copied or misappropriated. Our experienced intellectual property (IP) attorneys are here to help alleviate your concerns and defend your innovative ideas.


We invite you to get in touch today to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your unique goals and concerns. Our office serves the needs of small- and mid-sized businesses throughout the United States.


Our lawyers have experience representing companies, government contractors and individuals involved in the development, cultivation, procurement, advancement, prosecution and litigation accompanying IP issues. These issues frequently revolve around:


  • Patents — We are highly experienced with responses, renewals and other aspects of gaining and maintaining a patent.
  • Trademarks — Our law firm is well-positioned to provide practical and knowledgeable legal assistance in trademark and copyright acquisitions and litigation.
  • Nondisclosure agreements — We help business owners and other clients ensure that their proprietary information remains private.


Proactively Minimizing The Likelihood Of Infringement


Intellectual property disputes typically fall within the categories of prosecution, licensing and infringement defense. At Cole Sadkin, LLC, our IP attorneys can quickly ascertain any hurdles that you will need to overcome when applying for recognition at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office.


By anticipating these deficiencies upfront, our lawyers can take immediate action to protect your tangible and intangible assets and defend against potential patent, trademark or copyright infringement.

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