What Our Clients Say

Most large companies have an attorney on staff to address legal concerns as they arise. However, many smaller businesses cannot afford such an ongoing expense. Cole Sadkin, LLC, was founded to meet this need.


Our Chicago law firm essentially acts as in-house counsel for small businesses, providing the same peace of mind and strategic legal counsel at a far more reasonable cost to a selective group of clients. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation.

…adept at understanding our issues and expediting a challenging trademark application…

Duncan Robinson

President, TransDR LLC
“I am the founder of a single person holistic health and lifestyle practice in Chicago. I’ve worked with Cole Sadkin for almost three years now. I have interacted with several staff over this time and they have always impressed me with referrals and outstanding connections. It’s true, they are timely, professional, and reliable. I would highly recommend Cole Sadkin to any small business to take on the headache of knowing LLC rules and regulations.”

Life Elemental, LLC

“Cole Sadkin helped our company with finding and changing names along with setting up some new agreements. Mason Cole was very attentive and available to talk over issues or answer and questions at any time.”

“Cole Sadkin took care of our company’s IP and and trademark work. Not only were they experts in the area but they were extremely friendly, timely, and efficient. Mason Cole took a personal approach with our company and his staff was very friendly. I highly recommend this firm for IP, trademark, and employment law and we will use them for any future endeavors.”

“I am the co-founder of a small holistic medical practice on the north side of Chicago and have worked with Cole Sadkin for over a year. I have interacted with several of their lawyers over this time and they have always impressed me. They are timely, reliable, patient, honest, and flexible. They take the time to ask questions and really get to know my business and the issues we have. We have really appreciated their help and are relieved to know we have a place to go to when we have legal or even complex business questions. I would highly recommend Cole Sadkin to any small business.”

Life Elemental, LLC

“Cole Sadkin is an amazing law firm. They are attentive, intelligent, innovative, and can sift through the detail while still keeping an eye on the big picture. Not only have they provided me with top-notch advice, but they are great at connecting the right people to help an organization grow.”

“Cole Sadkin has proven to be a great choice for our new startup company. Cole Sadkin understands the startup process, and worked with us to generate a plan to accomplish our goals which we are accomplishing! I was impressed with their attention to detail. They even went above and beyond for us without asking, and saved our company from some major potential trademark issues in the future. They are also working on a patent for us which we are highly satisfied with. I would highly recommend Cole Sadkin to other small business and startup owners.”

“Mason’s command of business law was apparent from my first phone call with his as his client. He not only took the time to ensure I completely understood his legal explanations but he also offered to meet up for coffee for a more in-depth conversation. His expertise in business and intellectual law along with his personable nature make him an outstanding lawyer to do business with. I look forward to my business call with Mason – a call where I gain a lot of legal knowledge and insight as well as a pleasant conversation to catch up on what is going on. He is definitely a trustworthy lawyer and I highly recommend his services.”