Business Law

Understanding And Assessing Business Value

An accurate business valuation is a critical part of any business purchase, sale or merger. Understanding the true worth of your business is also very helpful if you are considering expanding or forming a franchise.


However, hiring a business valuation expert can cost $10,000 or more, even for a very small company. Due to this exorbitant price, many small and mid-sized business owners turn to Cole Sadkin, LLC, instead. We invite you to contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation about your unique challenges and opportunities.


Our business valuation attorneys are experienced in providing realistic value assessments. Our perspective allows our clients across the country to view the business objectively and truly understand its merits and drawbacks. We can often sit down with clients and successfully value their entities in only a few hours, saving those clients considerable expense.


Assigning Value To Intangible Assets


Cole Sadkin, LLC, is skilled in valuing all types of businesses. Some are more straightforward than others. Placing a value on a manufacturing facility that produces X amount of devices worth X amount each is relatively simple. Placing a value on a service-based business is much more complex. It takes great skill to assign a concrete number to intangible assets, but our business law attorneys have the in-depth knowledge required for success.


Comprehensive Counsel On Business Matters


Successfully running a business comes with a myriad of legal details and requirements, many of which you may never have thought about. That’s why we are here. You can count on Cole Sadkin, LLC, to advise you about everything you need to know.


Having us involved from start to finish tends to significantly reduce the end cost. In addition to the financial savings, consistently working with the same business consulting firm can reduce the amount of time necessary to resolve the issue.


Our goal is to be proactive, preventing problems from occurring instead of merely responding to crises. We want our clients to feel confident and informed. To that end, we make a point of regularly checking in with them and providing relevant updates.

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